Our Story

Work Order Central came out of a realization office staff and maintenance crews don't always have an easy time communicating. Employees would see a problem and then let the maintenance crew know about their request only then to be in the dark about whether it was being taken care of, completed or had fallen through the cracks. From the maintenance crew point of view, the requests they received were often incomplete, given to them informally or lost in translation. The result was frustration, finger pointing and a feeling of uncertainty that negatively affected job satisfaction and the team's relationships.


Managers and administration often found themselves in the middle, often dealing with a he said, she said situation. 


In the building maintenance world, we found that there was software out there that helped track work, but included many complicated and difficult to learn dashboards and data entry points. It was software that got the job done but was so complicated it took time away from the job and care staff and maintenance crews alike, refused to actually use it. On top of that it was usually very costly.

That's why we designed Work Order Central. A simple online work order system with intelligent design that makes managing maintenance easy. Perfect for any type of institution or mid to large office with at least one maintenance personnel

Here's a snapshot of how it works:

Your Staff spots an issue

They log into Work Order Central, choose the room from the customized drop down menu 

They explain the issue

Hit submit

Task is marked In Queue


Maintenance Crew receives an email notification of a work request

The task is assigned to one crew member

Task is marked as In Progress

If there is a reason for a delay including back ordered parts, a note is made

Once the job is completed, the status changes to Completed

A Completed Job email notification is sent to all involved team members

Mission Accomplished

Throughout the whole process, managers and admin have a full view of work order requests and the status of each job. You can even filter by team member to see who has what on their plate, filter by room to see where trouble spots are and jump in with additional notes or requests on ongoing or new jobs.

The system we created is simple. That's because we heard that's what care teams, maintenance teams and managers wanted. Finally, a system everyone will use and benefit from. 

Take our system for a test drive. Request a trial today.